My friend recently asked if it made me feel unaccomplished to see younger people succeed. It’s a question I’ve heard people ask in one way or another, mostly late at night after a day of doing nothing. The classic example is that Jesus changed the world by age 33 and here we are working at <insert terrible employer here>. And the answer is no.

It’s always tempting to compare yourself to famous people who accomplished things early in their lives. James Madison joined the continental congress at 29. Mary Shelley published Frankenstein at 20. I see LeBron James dominate the basketball world and wonder: why I wasn’t doing that in my twenties? Or thirties…

Let’s just remember that the game’s not timed. Starting early or late doesn’t matter, just starting.

And for that matter, can’t we adjust for our modern lifespans? It only seems fair. I’m only like 18 in Jesus years. So relax. He spent the last 9% of his life performing miracles and healing the world. I promise I’ll do the same. In about 12 Jesus years.

And I could have been a LeBron, if only I had talent, athleticism, dedication, and height.