Dear Self,

It’s been a tough week. You’re tired and irritated and you don’t even know why. You can’t name the thing that has you so twisted up, which is how you know it goes deep. Just trying to understand what’s churning inside of you brings tears down your cheeks and that’s okay. It really is.

It’s okay. You sometimes feel so far from your goals that you despair of ever reaching them. You too often look back on your day and wonder how you could have treated people so cruelly or (worse) failed to notice them. You want to be a good, loving person so much. That’s beautiful about you.

Remember to treat yourself kindly as well. You aren’t letting anyone down and you don’t deserve to be punished. ¬†Good things will come to you; not because you’ve earned it, but because you’ve built it. You have been placing brick after brick of pure loving intention for so many years. Punching a hole in the wall doesn’t devalue the house. Patch it up and get back to building.

The world needs you at your best. Make sure you give it to them.

Love, You.