Living in enlightenment means letting go of lies. Anyone can try it out by naming one little lie you tell yourself, examining it, and passing judgement on it. Silly. Untrue. Dangerous. Ejecting one lie from your thoughts and life will ease discomforts and make room for joy. Just kick it out the door once and for all. You don’t need to tell that story anymore; there’s an older, better one. It’s the story of You.

If that felt good, keep going. Become a lie hunter, sniffing out all those little untruths we’ve forgotten we’re even telling. People don’t find me attractive. I’m a burden on my friends. I don’t try hard enough. Throw them out. They aren’t true and people are getting bored hearing them anyway.

After a while you’ll be really digging this new lie-free story you’re telling and wondering what happens next. Start tackling some bigger ones. I’m a disappointment to my mother. I’m not as important as my coworker. I am probably going to screw this up. You know what they are. Grab them and pull them out by the roots to uncover your true story. Your beautiful, important story.

Be patient. This task will take a lifetime, if done properly. So take your time and do it right. Whenever an unproductive mood shows up for a visit, try to name the lie that accompanies it. Sometimes you will be able to brush it off with ease, sometimes you’ll need to shake like hell. The enlightening part is to see what stories stick around longest and which hold on the hardest.