Each room in your house has a purpose. It is a sacred space that supports an essential function in your life. The living room is for spending time with loved ones. The kitchen is for nourishing your body. The bedroom is for relaxation and intimacy. Honor the role of each room and your life will be filled with prosperity and joy.

This is your kingdom and you alone are responsible for its well-being. Schedule time in your day to pay attention to the room that needs it most. Don’t hurry through it- this is a sacramental task and this space that exists to serve you deserves your reverence. Put away clutter, rearrange furniture, clear channels for energies to flow. Remove anything that does not belong. Every item has a place and wants to rest in it.

Give something away that no longer belongs and make note of what is missing. Do something to bring in more beauty. Continue to improve your home so that your life does not stagnate.

As you clean the surfaces and scrub away the dust and dirt of neglect, feel the purpose of the room being restored. Notice how much you love spending time here. Hear the spirit of your space singing with joy as balance is renewed, every item and surface harmonizing to support your life’s purpose.