In the shiny new world of the internet age, we have information always at our fingertips. For the longest time I started every day by skimming the news headlines. Any spare moment at work would be spent similarly- checking in for breaking developments on today’s top stories. It seemed important to know what was going on in the world. I was especially interested in politics and devoured any story that shed light on an important figure’s shifting positions or past record or possible intentions. You name it, I knew about it.

I still get the newspaper delivered to my house, but I can’t bring myself to read it anymore. If it gets opened at all it’s for the Sunday crossword and word jumble. Got to keep this mind sharp. News on the television has lost its appeal as well, like a spell that was suddenly broken. I blink my eyes and look around me in a daze, wondering how I got lost in such a maze of meaningless words. I don’t find anything in there that leads to joy or that recalls my purpose. It’s all just conflicting narratives, artificially cobbled together and fighting for control of my attention, vote, and wallet.

There’s something missing, can you feel it?

Missing from the news, missing from our daily interactions, missing from our neighborhoods. Missing from ourselves. Is there still a place for genuine curiosity and authenticity? Growth? Understanding? Love? So much content and so little meaning.

No one wants to talk about the hole in things. Just remember this: Those of us who have realized that something’s missing are having an easier time than those who haven’t yet.