I just realized- today was the best day of my life.

It wasn’t the most eventful or exciting; some hiking, a short road trip, leftover Chinese food. I did visit a state I’d never set foot in (Utah) and see a mule deer up close. Google it if you need cuteness in your life. But it was pretty much a normal weekend day. It started pretty crappy with some work stuff and then I got into nature and remembered that I didn’t really care what was going on at work. My wife fell asleep in the car and the dog didn’t make a mess while we were out. All in all a solid performance.

I’ve been thinking this week that I’ve never been happier than right now. Now that we have taken care of the legal stuff, the wedding, the move, and setting up what passes for a normal life here, I suddenly find myself where I wanted to be. And it’s awesome. I’m surrounded by love and the next big project in my life finally gets to be one I choose for myself.

So why not today? Let’s go ahead and declare that this is it, the best day of my life. And that every other day of my life, radiating out to the past and future, exists only to ensure that this day happens. The midpoint of the sculpture- its perfect balancing point, with as much good on one side of today as the other.